Serving God

We at St. John believe God is the Master of all things! In all that we do, we are serving Him and as such, should always strive to do our best regardless of who the humanly boss might be. In all of our encounters, we should treat one another with respect, dignity, kindness, warmth and love always remembering our actions are reflections of God and our love for God! 

Ministries that support the Serving God aspect of the vision are as follows:

Steward Board -- Music Ministry -- Ministers -- Stewardess -- Ushers

John 4:23-25

"Yet a time is coming and has now come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. God is spirit, and his worshipers must worship in the spirit and in truth."

The woman said, "I know that Messiah is coming.  When he comes, he will explain everything to us."

Ministries that Support

Serving God


Supports the Pastor in the development of all spiritual, evangelical, educational and ministerial endeavors of the church.  Serve advisory roles to church ministries as designated by the Pastor.


Rev. Eboni Walker ~ Rev. Cheryl Taylor

Evan. Willie Carr ~ Evan. Sunny Adams

Rev. Paula G. Harris, Retired Itinerant Elder

Steward Board:  Sally Buxton

Appointed by the Pastor and confirmed during quarterly conference, appointees shall have been a member of the African Methodist Episcopal Church for at least two (2) years, except in the case of the establishment of a new congregation. Members must be fruitful and of good natural or acquired ability to transact the spiritual and temporal business of the church and are expected to be faithful in church attendance at official church meeting and events.  

The Board shall:

  • Make an exact account of all monies or other provisions collected for support of the Pastor
  • Serve as leaders of commissions as appointed by  the Pastor
  • Make accurate reports of every expenditure of  money
  • Certify membership roll during the third quarter of each conference year. 
  • Attend the quarterly conference  

Pastor’s Steward:  Sally Buxton

Responsible for determining and conveying needs of the Pastor to the entire Steward Board for discussion and appropriate action.  Assures that the decisions of the Steward Board are executed as voted upon.  Serve as Vice-Chair of the Commission on Stewardship and Finance.   


Stewardship and Finance:  Maury Meredith

Promote and cultivate Christian stewardship. Administer the financial program of the church.  Establish the annual church budget. Conduct member pledges. Inform the congregation of the financial needs of the church.   


Music Ministry:  John Flowers III

Serves as minister of music for the church by spreading the Word of God through songs and music as well as leading the congregation into an atmosphere of praise and worship.   

Stewardesses & Ushers:  Dorothea Hives

Nominated by the Pastor and submitted to the Steward Board, who shall either confirm or reject them.  Assist the stewards in the discharge of their duties relative to the ritual of baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

Usher and welcome members and guests into the church and responsible for the orderly conduct of the church service in the sanctuary.